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My Journey Through Multimedia Storytelling

This semester, I enrolled in a course called Multimedia Storytelling. I haven’t taken many of my major courses yet, so it was exciting to finally start getting into the nitty gritty of Communications.

The main component of this class is hands on experience to get you to actually learn how to work with different softwares, equipment, and so on. I’ve seriously enjoyed getting to be creative with presenting stories through the series of assigned projects for the class.

Our first project was to create a video project incorporating the audio of an interview underlaying supporting video clips. I learned how to use my iPhone for quality video and sound and iMovie when putting this piece together. Personally, I was really proud of the final draft for it being my first time doing anything like this.

Then the second project rolled around; have underlying interview audio along with natural sounds or music, and still shots for support. It was recommended that we stick with the same theme to be able to present our work as one package, so I tried to take a new perspective with the church and focused on our history. This project was more challenging because it was hard to include photos of the past that supported what the interviewees were talking about, but I made it work.

Overall, I really enjoyed this class and getting to learn how to use new tools and how to enhance my creative skills. Taking this class has helped me develop my personal style and have my voice out there for people to hear.

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