My name is Abby Baracskai and I’m currently a student at Cleveland State University. I’m double majoring in Promotional Communications and Communications Management. I love to be creative, learn new things, and explore new places. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, coloring, listening to music, attending concerts, organizing, cooking/baking, browsing Pinterest, obsessing over Chevy Sparks, and bragging on Apple brand. One of my latest endeavors is becoming a Thirty-One Gifts independent consultant. I like to be active in the community and really enjoy helping others or giving back in ways that I am able to.

Two of the biggest influences in my life are God and music. I’m constantly attending concerts, as pictured below. Most of the concerts I go to feature Christian artists, like We As Human, Random Hero, Disciple, Third Day, Family Force 5, and VERIDIA. Music has served many purposes in my life; pulling me out of dark times, helping me through difficult times, motivating me when I feel like giving up, connecting me to amazing people who I’m happy to call friends, and providing a network of professional musicians for me to be in communication (and some even friendships) with.

My love for God and music has led me to my career goals of wanting to be on the management side of the music industry, preferably the Christian scene. I have created and ran, or co-ran, a multitude of fanpages (The Humanoidz, The Ascenders, The Verdians, Random Hero Fanpage) on various social medias. I even worked with my favorite band, We As Human, over one of their summer tours; organizing volunteers, creating promotional pieces, and helping things run smoothly. Since their split in early 2016, my efforts have been focused on As We Ascend; a band created by two of We As Human’s former members. I also write music reviews for two Christian entertainment websites: Today’s Christian Entertainment and The Christian Beat.

Hopefully all of the above information helps paint a picture of my spunky personality, who I am as a person, and what I hold near and dear to my heart. Since I’m a communications major, I understand how important it is to be connected and networked together. There are various ways to get in contact with me including:

Email: a.baracskai96@gmail.com

Twitter: @abbylyn_96

Instagram: @abbylyn96

Facebook: Abby Baracskai

Business: MyThirtyOne

Vimeo: abbylyn96

Personal Blog: Wishful Writer