My name is Abby Baracskai and I’m currently a student at Cleveland State University. I’m double majoring in Promotional Communications and Communications Management. I love to be creative, learn new things, and explore new places. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, coloring, listening to music, attending concerts, organizing, cooking/baking, browsing Pinterest, obsessing over Chevy Sparks, and bragging on Apple brand. One of my latest endeavors is becoming a Thirty-One Gifts independent consultant. I like to be active in the community and really enjoy helping others or giving back in ways that I am able to.

Two of the biggest influences in my life are God and music. I’m constantly attending concerts, as pictured below. Most of the concerts I go to feature Christian artists, like We As Human, Random Hero, Disciple, Third Day, Family Force 5, and VERIDIA. Music has served many purposes in my life; pulling me out of dark times, helping me through difficult times, motivating me when I feel like giving up, connecting me to amazing people who I’m happy to call friends, and providing a network of professional musicians for me to be in communication (and some even friendships) with.

My love for God and music has led me to tackle a multitude of opportunities within the Chrisitian music scene. I have created and ran, or co-ran, a multitude of fanpages (The Humanoidz, The Ascenders, The Verdians, Random Hero Fanpage) on various social medias. I even worked with my favorite band, We As Human, over one of their summer tours; organizing volunteers, creating promotional pieces, and helping things run smoothly. Since their split in early 2016, my efforts have been focused on As We Ascend; a band created by two of We As Human’s former members. I also write music reviews for two Christian entertainment websites: Today’s Christian Entertainment and The Christian Beat.

Hopefully all of the above information helps paint a picture of my spunky personality, who I am as a person, and what I hold near and dear to my heart. Overall, I want to be a shining light in the dark and make a positive impact on the world.

Since I’m a communications major, I understand how important it is to be connected and networked together. There are various ways to get in contact with me including:

Email: a.baracskai96@gmail.com

Twitter: @abbylyn_96

Instagram: @abbylyn96

Facebook: Abby Baracskai

Business: MyThirtyOne

Vimeo: abbylyn96

Personal Blog: Wishful Writer