Sample Humanoidz Pieces


For two years of my life, I was dedicated to running the fanpages for We As Human (WAH); which I believe I did pretty successfully. The Humanoidz was the most followed WAH fanpage on the Internet, and the only one officially recognized by the band.

The fanpages were able to give me a lot of social media experience. I’m nowhere near being a master, but I learned some basics like how to interact with fans, the best times to post, how to capture their attention and so on. The fanpages made me constantly challenge my creativity with different projects for people to get involved in and contests to get people to promote the band and pieces to create to share.

Below are sample pieces with explanations as well as links to all of the social media accounts for The Humanoidz.

Original Creations: Being the creator of a fanpage challenged me to regularly create new content and come up with new ideas. Some of these creations include picture memes, the development of “Here’s to the Humanoidz” picture series, a promotional/support campaign under the hashtag #SupportWAHSeptember, and other ways to get fans involved. Below is a slideshow of some of my original content created for the fanpages.


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Newsletters: Followers subscribed to receive monthly newsletters called The Humanoidz Reports. I worked with the band to create a publication that helped fans feel connected and keep them up to date on everything that was happening with the band and within the fandom. (Sample #1  Sample #2  Sample #3)

Followers Survey: I wanted to better understand what followers expected from the fanpages, so I developed this survey using Google Forms and analyzed the results. You can view the survey here.

Humanoidz Fan Video: My first major project to get fans involved the creation of a YouTube video called The Humanoidz Fan Video. It features over 50 different fans’ photos with the band. I was able to give the band a hard copy of the video backstage at a show. They said they all loved it. You can watch the video here.

We Love We As Human: Another specific project that helped fans get involved was “We Love We As Human.” The project called for fans to create an”I Love We As Human” sign and take a picture with it. I compiled all of the submissions onto a poster board and gave it to the band at a show. Later on Twitter, the band was asked “How much do you love the Humanoidz?” and they tweeted back a picture of them all linking arms with the caption “this much!”

Social Media: Social media was the most important element in the formula for success. I happened to create my fanpages with perfect timing. The band backed me immediately and encouraged fans to follow the accounts, leading to the success of the pages. Below is a list of all our social media presences and a link to view them.

Closing Remarks

The Humanoidz was such an amazing part of my life and one of my most favorite things I have ever done. I got to grow close and form a friendship with not only the band and their team, but to fans all around the nation, and some even outside of the country. I was able to experience unbelievable events like Skype calls, backstage tours, visitng their studio, and so on. I am eternally grateful and thankful for everything they’ve done for me. I honestly believe this is what ignited my passion for God and music and led to my future career goals and desire to be part of the music industry.

Header image credits to Jimmy D Photos

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