Sample Music Reviews

As stated in my “About Me” tab, music is plays a very large and extremely important part in my life. I pair that passion with my love of writing and my belief in Christ to write music reviews for a few different Christian websites. Below are a few links to some of my reviews and a small explanation piece about them:

  • Skillet “Unleashed” Review: This review challenged me to keep my personal bias out of the writing and remain neutral and professional. My boss was impressed and said I did a really nice job of voicing my concerns without bashing the band.
  • Lacey Sturm “Life Screams” Review: This was one of my favorite albums that I’ve ever reviewed. It was really easy to say good things about it because I’m a fan of her and rock music is my favorite, but I think that this specific review really showcases some of my writing talent.
  • Big Daddy Weave “Beautiful Offerings” Review: This album was surprisingly good, even if it wasn’t my favorite genre. This review was actually quoted on the band’s promotional materials, so that was a pretty cool event for me!
  • NF “Mansion” Review: This review was my first review as an official member of Today’s Christian Entertainment (formerly CMR) and it was way out of my comfort zone musically. To this day, I think it’s one of the best reviews I’ve ever written because it wasn’t my style but I really liked it and there was so much content to talk about. (note: this link is a download because it is not currently active on the website as they are currently moving past reviews over to the new website.)


You can see a full list of my reviews from Today’s Christian Entertainment by clicking here.


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